Re-Wire Your Mind For Success While Zapping Stress & Boosting Brainpower.


I have an important technology to share with you. It will allow you to achieve profound states of relaxation in a matter of seconds and not only zap all stress out of your life, but re-wire your brain for success… eliminating negative self sabotaging beliefs, & erasing bad habits like procrastination. You will be able implant a ‘Millionaire’s Mind’, Supercharge Your Brain, Sleep Better than ever, develop a Photographic Mind and so much more. 


A quick story if you will indulge me.

My name is Dane Spotts. I started Zygon more than 30 years ago. My mission then (as it is now) is to empower people to realize their full potential using technology that unleashes the power of mind. The genesis of Zygon came about about from my personal experiences In the 80’s. I was experimenting with sensory deprivation tanks and audio frequencies directed to specific areas of brain. During that time of experimentation, my team and I discovered ways to instantly alter mind states and be able to reprogram our internal belief systems as to how we see ourselves and the world. It was a personal transformation that changed me and then later millions of Zygon “Mind Warriors” (as I call them) who have used the mind tools we developed, like Ultra-Meditation, the Brain Supercharger and Millionaire’s Mind. They not only improved their lives, but all the people they came in contact with. I still get letters from these Mind Warriors some 25 years later. Why is this significant? (Read More Below…)

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It’s significant because it works. The technology to by-pass the consciousness mind’s judgments and negativity and go straight into the unconscious and to reprogram deeply held beliefs that are holding you back.

The sound frequencies induce an altered mind-state known as ‘theta consciousness’ In addition to feeling really good, it has some powerful benefits. Psychologists and neurologists believe the mind uses the “theta” window for psychological and physiological programming.

What is the experience like?  It feels like you took a 2-week vacation, in a matter of minutes. Your body feels extremely relaxed as your mind begins to race with creative images.

What’s happening? The sound matrix has altered your state of consciousness, unfolding a blissful dream-like euphoria similar to meditation. For years it’s been known that meditation quiets the mind leading to expanded awareness, psychological well-being and a greater receptivity to new ideas. But there are problems with traditional meditation. It can take years of concentrated effort to learn the necessary physiological responses. That’s where the Zygon technology steps in.

The Brain Supercharger is designed to meditate you. Instead of spending 15 years training your mind, you plug-in for 28 minutes each day and let “it” massage your brain. When you finish each session you feel renewed, more centered, and mentally on top of the world. What causes the euphoria and peak experiences? A special combination of sound frequencies plays through your headphones coaxing your mind into what’s been called a “Theta” mind state.

It may be why we dream. To heal both the mind and body. Meditation seems to open a doorway into the subconscious. This altered state (the goal of mediators) stimulates your pleasure centers and gives you that “high” feeling. If this were just a tool for zapping stress and exploring alternative mind states it would be awesome enough. But there’s more. One of the more controversial aspects of this technology is how it has been used to reprogram how you think and see yourself and the world.

Dr. Lawrence Cory, author of a double blind study on the Zygon Technology reports;

“Daily usage seems to have a profound effect on the mental functioning of its listener…the Brain Supercharger appears to alter the personality of its users in essentially positive and life-enhancing ways.”

One user after plugging into Ultra Meditation – described it as “full body orgasm… I felt like I was going to levitate at any moment”. Thousands experienced similar. What matters most isn’t what someone else experiences… its what you experience.  And these programs are now all available via the Zygon streaming app which can be downloaded free. To get started – all you have to do is download the app on your phone or tablet and begin exploring.

Come join me. I’ll see you in the Zygon – ‘Mind Zone’ where you will experience powers of mind you never realized you had.

Dane Spotts

P.S. Also, I hope you will check out the Mind Warrior podcasts where we explore the cutting edge of mind and consciousness. All of that and hundreds of mind development programs streaming on your app, accessible at the push of a button. 

Will You Join Me and My Fellow ‘Mind Warriors’ in a Grand Experiment To Evolve Our Minds & Transform The Consciousness of the Planet?

About Zygon

Our mission at Zygon is to create tools and technology for mind development, health and well-being. The end-goal is to empower and expand consciousness and actualize our potential as human beings to the maximum extent possible