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COMPANY INFO The ZYGON Story Help & Support Contact Us The mission of ZYGON is to empower our members to unlock their full potential as human beings and enjoy maximum wealth, health and fulfillment. 


A Few of the Programs Found on Your App MIND POWER Brain Supercharger Series Millionaire’s Mind Open Mind Series STRESS MGT Stress Zapper Moodshifts Healing Music MEDITATION Ultra Meditation Transcendental Mind Moodscapes Eternity Series X-Mind Altered States SLEEP Dreamscapes Power Naps Lucid Dreamer WORKSHOPS Visioneering Secret of Living a Perfect Life Find Your Mission in […]


The Zygon Mind Power App streams Zygon programs THE ZYGON APP How The App Works Download The App Test Your Headphones “I am totally blown away by this. I am under a lot of stress, but I feel alive and inspired. Life is good.” – V.R. READ MORE USER EXPERIENCES