Ultra Meditation System

Ultra Meditation 5-Level Transcendence System

Zap Stress Boost Brainpower While Your Program Your Mind To Accomplish All Your Goals.  This is the Brain Supercharger Mind Lab.

12 amazing titles teach you how to zap stress, boost brainpower, & unleash the awesome powers of your “inner” mind. It’s been called, “The most phenomenal discovery of the decade.”

12 Superchargers Mindscript Your Unconscious Beliefs, Transform Negative Self Sabotaging Behavior.. While Zapping Stress. All While You Enjoy Mind-Blowing Relaxation


You arrive home from a busy day at work stressed out from nasty clients and overcrowded freeways. Instead of heading to the refrigerator for a beer, you don a pair of headphones, plug the Brain Supercharger CD into your stereo player and punch the “on” button.

 A few moments later and you’re off to “theta” land. Your body feels extremely relaxed as your mind begins to race with creative images. What’s happening? The sound matrix on your Brain Supercharger has altered your state of consciousness, unfolding a blissful dream-like euphoria similar to meditation. For years it’s been known that meditation quiets the mind leading to expanded awareness, psychological well-being and a greater receptivity to new ideas. But there are problems with traditional meditation. It can take years of concentrated effort to learn the necessary physiological responses.

That’s where the Brain Supercharger technology steps in. The Brain Supercharger is designed to meditate you. Instead of spending


15 years training your mind, you plug-in for 28 minutes each day and let “it” massage your brain. When you finish each session you feel renewed, more centered, and mentally on top of the world. What causes the euphoria and peak experiences? A special combination of sound frequencies plays through your headphones coaxing your mind into what’s been called a “Theta” mind state.


Psychologists and neurologists believe the mind uses the “theta” window for psychological and physiological programming. It may be why we dream. To heal both the mind and body. Meditation seems to open a doorway into the subconscious. This altered state (the goal of meditators) stimulates your pleasure centers and gives you that “high” feeling. If this were just a tool for zapping stress and exploring alternative mind states it would be awesome enough. But there’s more. One of the more controversial aspects of this technology is how it has been used to reprogram how you think and see yourself and the world.

Dr. Lawrence Cory, author of a double blind study on the Brain Supercharger Technology


reports, “Daily usage seems to have a profound effect on the mental functioning of its listener…the Brain Supercharger appears to alter the personality of its users in essentially positive and life-enhancing ways.”
What does a session feel like? One user described it as.

What’s Included In Your Kit

Teri Lee

Teri Lee

VP-Product Dev.


The technology


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“There are a few reasons why I am writing you this letter. The first is one of thanks. The subliminal research team you have there is incredible. They should be given a Nobel prize. They have done their research well and leave other companies in the dust...As a result of using your tapes I feel terrific and recently picked up a great job...your tapes really work.” —J.G. - Pennsylvania
John Doe

“I purchased your “Ultra Success” Brain Supercharger tapes [CDs] a little less than a year ago. I’ve been listening to your tapes [CDs] on a regular basis since I received them and know, without a doubt they work! Before I purchased your tapes[CDs], I was feeling a bit down and out because I wasn’t getting anywhere in life. I was broke all the time. I had a job that had no future – my self esteem was low! Today, not only do I feel more confident but I am also holding a position as an Assistant Director for a successful private school and I am earning a very comfortable income…”


Brain Supercharger Scientific Research and Theory
A double blind research study conducted by Dr. Lawrence Cory at the Center For Transpersonal Studies and PSI/Metrics, Inc. indicated that daily usage seems to have a profound effect on the mental functioning of its listener, increasing his or her intelligence, emotional stability, altertness, and that these psychological gains translate into increased judgment, greater creativity, a broader occupation outlook, and a generally more relaxed view of life as indicated by an actuarial profile analysis of the data.

What else you need to know…

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BRAIN SUPERCHARGER – MIND LAB  This is a downloadable product to be used with stereo headsets only. It includes 12 titles.

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