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Dane Spotts (author) at Mind Research Laboratory (publisher)


The powerful soundtracks in the Brain Supercharger Mind Lab are based on an innovative technology called Neuro-Entrainment.™ Used regularly they can have a profound impact on your life. Brain Supercharger soundtracks must be used with stereo headphones only. An exclusive sound engineering process incorporated in this recording called a Neuro-Matrix, induces a deep state of relaxation and altered consciousness. Through the stereophonic process, the sounds are delivered spatially into specific areas of the brain. A good set of stereo headphones is required for the technology to be effective. 

How The Brain Supercharger Technology Works 

The brain gives off electrical energy that corresponds to certain states of consciousness. The four kinds of brainwave patterns are really descriptive tags for different wave speeds. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second. Delta is the slowest of the brainwaves (0-4 cycles per second), usually prominent when you are in your deepest stages of sleep and not dreaming. Theta (4-8 cycles per second), is related to creativity and dream activity. Alpha (8-13 cycles per second) is characterized by a relaxed but alert state. Beta (14-26 cycles per second) is the brainwave state when you are in normal waking consciousness. Beta, alpha, theta, and delta are the brain’s electrical outputs which science can measure and attach some kind of meaning to. 

Scientists have no idea as to how these “waves” of energy affect the world outside, but they do know how it affects the world inside. Artists, musicians, and athletes are all prolific producers of alpha-theta brainwave patterns. Creativity and strong alpha-theta activity appear to be linked. Zen monks, yogis, and others who are experienced meditators, have learned to alter their mind-state through training and discipline. They are able to manipulate the energies of consciousness. This deliberate switching-off of external stimuli changes the content of one’s awareness. 

The letting go of one’s normal reality expands awareness and controls attention. But the Eastern forms of meditation require years of concentrated practice to advance into these higher forms of awareness. The Brain Supercharger through regular use is designed to give you this same ability without spending 20 years training in meditation.

Re-scripting Your Subconscious 

Reducing stress, expanding awareness, transforming your inner world are all incredible benefits of regular use of this technology. But there is something even more powerful that you’ll be able to experiment with. Your Mind Lab uses “Mindscripting” versions of this soundtrack that you can use to help reprogram your beliefs about yourself and how you perceive the world. You should be aware of how this technology can be used to rescript negative emotions and subconscious behaviors. The subconscious mind records and stores our experiences. Through repetition, our experiences become learned automatic functions of behavior, like, tying your shoes, driving a car or riding a bicycle. 

The Secret Behind The Technology 

The reason why the Mindscripting Technology can be so effective in changing behavior and modifying a person’s self-image, is because the behavioral mindscript (positive experiences) is mapped directly onto the subconscious mind. These special mindscripts are recorded onto the soundtrack at a level that is barely audible to the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind hears clearly. Most self-improvement techniques attempt to work only with the conscious mind. The problem with telling your conscious mind, “I am wealthy,” or “I am thin,” is that it knows you’re lying. One woman who was trying to lose weight with conscious affirmations said, “I have affirmed that I am thin until I am worn out. I knew when I was telling myself those statements that it was obviously not true.” Her statements were rejected by the conscious mind and the very opposite of what she outwardly affirmed was manifested. Why? Because the subconscious mind will take your fears and limiting beliefs and in its own way create obstacles and limitations that prevent change from occurring. The behavioral mindscripts used in the Mindscripting process succeed because they do not produce a mental conflict with your critical conscious mind. The technology is designed to bypasses the conscious mind to be picked up by the subconscious only. The subconscious then goes about acting upon this new experience using the scripts as a guide. 

12 Programs:

Each Program in the series, has 2 soundtracks. The first uses the powerful Brain Supercharger technology to alter consciousness and expand awareness. The second is a Mindscripting booster to be used for added reinforcement. 

1. Ultra Success Conditioning – Promote success by eliminating self-defeating beliefs and behavior. 

2. Ultra Weight Control – Reprogram negative eating habits and attitudes about body image. 

3. Winning Personality/Self-Image – Enhance self-esteem and positive attitudes about self. 

4. Mastering Stress – Reduce anxiety and reframe the stressors in your life. 

5. Unleash Creativity – Open the floodgates to your creative and intuitive powers. 

6. Super Immunity/Health – Use the power of your mind to feel great! 

7. Super Memory/Accelerated Learning – Reprogram attitudes about learning and memory. 

8. Sports Performance – Give yourself that winning mental edge. 

9. Soaring Self-Confidence  – Build a strong self-image and eliminate fears. 

10. Improve Love Relationships – Put passion, intimacy, and excitement into your love relationships. 

11. Attract Wealth & Prosperity – Reprogram attitudes about money and wealth. 

12. Enhanced Psychic Awareness – Open a channel to the universe and your unlimited potential.