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Who is Dane Spotts?

Who is Dane Spotts - Watch The Mission

There is a power that lies dormant inside you. A power that will not only allow you to unleash your potential but help to evolve all of humanity. This is the Zygon mission and your role in it.

Want to know more about who Dane Spotts is?

Dane is an entrepreneur who started Zygon in 1986. Zygon became one of the largest publishing company’s in the self-help field valued at over a $100 million dollars in the mid 90s. 

He recently developed The Zygon app and Zygon Academy for delivering ZYGON’s unique mind development tools and programs that have transformed the lives of millions. 

Dane is interested in the evolution of consciousness and and how to unleash human potential. Perhaps the best way to understand how he thinks and what he is all about is to watch his video; “The Mission.”

Who is Dane Spotts

Dane is an entrepreneur. His company ZYGON which he started in 1986 recently released an app for delivering ZYGON’s unique streaming mind development programs. Dane is interested in the evolution of consciousness and human potential.