The Meaning Of The Name 'ZYGON'

The company was named ZYGON back in 1986 and no –  it has nothing to do with the alien creatures from the 70’s TV series ‘Dr Who’. The term is Greek and means the union of two things to create a third. In reproduction it is the union of male and female that creates a new lifeform. In our case it is the union of ‘science and spirituality’ to create a new paradigm or belief system. 

Both science and spirituality (organized religion) seek to explain and understand the universe, but each in themselves are incomplete without the other.  Zygon is the result of combining them and ending up with a greater whole. 

All the tools and ideas we present are based in both science and spirit, as each without the other is incomplete.

What is a Zygonaut and Mind Warrior?

Back before the concept of a ‘meme’ was created in the old days (80’s & 90’s) at ZYGON company headquarters we used to describe the heavy duty users of ZYGON programs as “Zygonauts”. It became a meme that identified those who were into the altered states – mind launching aspects of the technology and would often write to us of their experiences, which included out-of-body journeys. enhanced psychic awareness, precognitive dreams, and other mind-trippy sorts of phenomena.  

A Mind Warrior is a similar meme but refers to people (Zygonauts) who are dedicated to self-improvement and personal growth and understand that “mind” is at the center of everything. They are the pilgrim souls assisting in the evolution of consciousness by actualizing their potential and spreading it to other humans along their life path – that they come in contact with. This is the mission of ZYGON. For details on what becoming a “Mind Warrior” is all about,  visit The Mind Warrior Project and participate in the ZYGON podcast series.