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DREAMSCAPES - Sleep Technology

Rob Hopping (author) at Mind Research Laboratory (publisher)


Dreamscapes programs were designed to play on a stereo sound system (headphones not required) as they gently guide you to a restful night’s sleep. Using a mix of natural sounds, sonic textures, and entrainment matrix, each program offers a different flavor; from swaying in a hammock on a tropical beach, to resting on a bed of grass beside a mountain stream, to snuggling in a forest cabin while a gentle rain sings outside.

The Process

Dreamscapes programs follow a unique process designed to induce a deep, restful sleep. First, natural sounds begin; immersing you in your chosen environment. Next, specific tones play; distracting your mind from conscious thinking. Then, a unique entrainment matrix gently guides your brain into the blissful depths of REM sleep.

Sleep Meditation Session

The Dreamscapes ‘Sleep Meditation Session’ is a 10-minute program designed to prep you for your sleep session. Using Zygon’s audio meditation technology, the prep session requires headphones to induce a specific mind state that will enhance your Dreamscapes sleep experience.


Tropical Dreams – A perfect island beach; a gentle tropical breeze; a hammock swaying under the palms.

Mountain Stream – Walking through the woods, you come upon a clearing; a beautiful meadow of soft grass and wildflowers. Running through the middle of the meadow is a crystal clear stream.

Forest Rain – A cabin tucked deep in the woods; a fire glows in the fireplace; a bed of warm blankets beckons you. A gentle rains sings.