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Millionaire's Mind - Wealth Conditioning System For High Achievers

Dane Spotts (author) at Mind Research Laboratory (publisher)


Have you ever heard a song on the radio (perhaps a golden oldie) that is linked in your mind with positive memories in your past? Like your high school prom…or the first time you fell in love. The event doesn’t really matter, just how you felt about it. Now…every time you hear that tune no matter what your current mood is, it instantly transports you back in time…as you relive those positive memories and emotions, and feel the empowerment well up inside you. If you’ve ever experienced those “power feelings” you know what I’m talking about. That’s the underlying premise of The Millionaire’s Mind™. 

A breakthrough in personal achievement technology designed to link positive emotions with sound and music, to condition your mind for success.

Here’s how it works. Track 1 of each CD title is your programming tool. You’ll learn how to train your mind using the Neuro-Mapping™ process—to create and link positively charged emotions with specific success actions and behaviors. Imprinting the essence of a “millionaire’s mind” into your subconscious. Then use Track 2 to activate those “winning feelings,” and trigger emotions and attitudes that stimulate your “millionaire’s mind” into action.

It’s an extremely powerful concept. Because once you’ve programmed your personal “winning feelings” and linked them to the musical cues in the program, you can activate your “millionaire’s mind” whenever you need to project a winning image, self-confidence and personal power.

Experiment with it on…sales calls, company meetings, brainstorming sessions, business negotiations, sports performance, even romance.

The Millionaire’s Mind system includes 6 titles: 

1. Creativity & Problem Solving

2. Attracting Prosperity & Wealth

3. Winning Personality/Charisma

4. Communication & Mental Skills

5. Time Management & Organization

6. Self-Confidence & Success Motivation

This is a unique experimental program that provides a “mental edge” for high achievers to accomplish their goals. It is comprised of two key technologies:

1. Program positive beliefs about wealth creation & money.

A mindscripting technique is used to promote positive attitudes and beliefs about wealth creation and money. It is believed that the single critical element all high achievers share in wealth creation behavior is their strong personal belief in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals. The Millionaire’s Mind uses a mindscripting technology designed to open a window into the subconscious and implant positive success attitudes and beliefs.

2. Create a musical trigger to stimulate “winning feelings.”

One of the primary objectives of the program is to implant “winning feelings” into your subconscious, and link it with a specific piece of music. This conditions the mind so that whenever you hear that piece of music it triggers positive memories and emotions that stimulate success actions and behavior.

Programming A “Millionaire’s Mind”

The object of these soundtracks is to tattoo onto your subconscious a “habit of success.” By implanting winning feelings and new attitudes about “self” it is believed that you can transform behavior. When you record a pattern of positive experiences onto the subconscious (whether through actual experience or “Neuro-Mapping”) the connections formed in your brain create a new chain of success behavior. This new “neuro” pattern is then stored in memory and reactivated or “replayed” whenever you encounter a similar experience.

When you activate a winning feeling (positive emotions linked to a success behavior) you are automatically evoking all the winning actions that are a part of that pattern. “Winning feelings” naturally breed success actions, and the whole pattern of positive experience becomes a self reinforcing habit. And that’s the secret of high achievers. They believe in themselves and their ability, because they have created a pattern of self reinforcing behavior and beliefs that has been permanently imprinted into their subconscious. The resulting success behavior becomes automatic.

Programming Elements Of Each Title

Track 1: The Programmer

1. Neuro-Matrix: Unfolds a blissful state of deep relaxation while opening a window into the subconscious.

2. Whole Brain Sound Phasing: Frequencies which stimulate left and right brain integration, stimulating the reward centers.

3. Special Musical Matrix: A specific combination of musical rhythms woven into a powerful score that will evoke a positive emotional response. The specific beat frequency used is similar to those proven to enhance learning and memory.

4. Conscious “You” Voice: Once the brain is at peak receptivity a (female) voice gently massages the conscious mind with success programming.

5. Mindscripting Affirmations: Beneath the threshold of conscious hearing are the mindscripting affirmations which are mapped into memory using an unconscious “I” voice.

Track 2: The Activator

1. Musical Matrix: An extended version of the special musical score that was mapped into memory from Track 1.

2. Silent Affirmations: Beneath the threshold of conscious hearing are the subliminal affirmations which are triggered via the musical matrix which has been mapped into memory.

How To Use The Millionaire’s Mind Soundtracks

Track 1: The Programmer must be listened to with STEREO HEADPHONES ONLY. 

Track 2: The Activator is used for background listening and may be used WITHOUT stereo headphones.

Track 1: The Programmer

When using the Programmer track it requires that you plug-in using stereo headphones for an uninterrupted half hour. The first ten minutes of each session is designed to alter your consciousness and unfold a state of whole brain synchrony and deep relaxation. The reason for this is to drive your brain into its most receptive “mind state” for the mapping to occur. As your mind becomes deeply relaxed by the sound matrix, your brain slows down and you feel deeply relaxed. You may lose all sense of time. Creative thoughts and images will race through your mind. You may even experience a lucid dream. All of this is a natural side effect of altered consciousness. The deep relaxation and altered mind-state has many side benefits (such as removing stress and expanding awareness) but the primary purpose for all this is to prep your brain to produce the appropriate mental state for Neuro-Mapping.

About 12 minutes into the soundtrack you are at the optimum point for the Neuro-Mapping process. A subtle shift in the soundtrack will occur as the musical composition slowly begins to change. As the music fills you with “winning feelings” a beautiful angelic voice gently massages your brain with positive success affirmations. The voice will instruct your subconscious to accept the new programming embedded within the musical matrix. At this point several subconscious links are being mapped at once. The first is the music. The timing and musical rhythms were painstakingly orchestrated to evoke a subconscious winning feeling of success. This is to be psychologically tied into the conscious dreamlike affirmations delivered in a second person “You” voice. Affirmations are then entwined on a subconscious level into this “soundwave stew” and become many times more potent because they are linked (Neuro-Mapped) with the musical composition and conscious “You” voice when your brain is at peak receptivity. This entire process is essentially invisible to you as a listener. You just know that you “feel good” after your session. But more than just feeling good, your subconscious has been empowered to manifest your new success programming.

Track 2: The Activator

Track 2 on each CD is called The Activator and it is a triggering and reinforcement tool. When you play this soundtrack in your car on the way to work, before making a sales call or presentation you are in essence triggering a conditioned response which has been Neuro-

Mapped from Track 1: The Programmer. Linked in your memory are the positive emotions and the success affirmations that were mapped into your subconscious from your “Programmer” sessions. Track 2 uses a musical matrix derived from the Programmer soundtrack which is designed to trigger those winning feelings and evoke the success affirmations. You should listen to Track 2 as often as possible to reinforce your winning mind-set. Success Breeds Success

It’s all about the inner images we create. The positive feedback you receive from the outer world reinforces these inner images and the whole pattern of positive behavior repeats itself over and over again.

Thus the axiom “success breeds success.” The shifts you will notice in your life are subtle and cumulative over a period of time. Often as positive experiences begin happening you can’t be sure if it’s something you caused, or merely a coincidence. You should realize right now—


What becomes so incredibly empowering about this process is the recognition of the invisible link between what you think of yourself and your outward experiences. You’ll begin to see the immense power you possess to shape the events around you by simply changing your perception of reality. The users of this technology who fail to see this bigger picture are missing out on the greatest benefit of all.

The Neuro-Mapping Technology

A breakthrough technology has been employed in creating these soundtracks called Neuro-Mapping. Light years ahead of other personal development techniques—here is a brief discussion of the concept.

How it works.

The Millionaire’s Mind system uses an incredibly complex audio matrix on Track 1: The Programmer to stimulate the appropriate mindstate and then map new memories and beliefs about success and wealth. Track 2: The Activator acts as a triggering tool to activate these new attitudes and bring about the appropriate high achievement behavior.

What happens inside your brain.

The psychological model for the Neuro-Mapping process is based on the principle of associative learning. Like Pavlov’s dog who learned to salivate at the ring of a bell, specific success traits and beliefs are linked to a specific musical pattern on these soundtracks.

The success affirmations are so intrinsically connected to certain tones and frequencies, that after repetition, whenever your brain hears this musical matrix, it will automatically bring to your subconscious mind the positive affirmation that was played with it. Imagine just before a big meeting, you decide you need a shot of confidence, to motivate you to make a power presentation. Just by plugging-in your Millionaire’s Mind “Activator” Disc you can recreate those winning feelings, and project the power and confidence you need to make it happen. The feelings have been mapped into your subconscious ready to be activated, triggered by the special musical formula.

A number of recent studies now suggest that specific molecular and electrophysical changes take place in your nerve cells when you learn to associate a stimulus with a previously unrelated response. In other words there is a physical change in the makeup of your brain caused by the stimulus (the music) and this is linked in memory to the success programming. The music acts like a trigger, much like the ringing of the bell in Pavlov’s experiment.

This is extremely significant because it means it is possible to rewire perceptions of self and modify behavior using musical cues.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Millionaire’s Mind

The secret for getting quick and positive results with these soundtracks is to use them on a regular and consistent basis. They will provide no benefit sitting on the shelf. You should notice a subtle but powerful shift in your attitudes and behavior within the first 30 days.

There is no recommended schedule for playing these. Use your own best judgement. Pick 1 or 2 titles to work with on a consistent basis. You can rotate these titles if you wish for your meditations. It is best not to play the Programmer (Track 1) more than once a day. Using it more often will not necessarily speed results. Listen to the Activator (Track 2) as often as you wish. The more reinforcement the better.

Another very helpful tip to help solidify your “winning feelings” is to do a 5 or 10 minute mental warm-up session before doing a Programmer track session. What you would do is go to your relaxation place (a place where you can be alone and undisturbed for at least 30 minutes), put on your stereo headphones, and before you push play on your CD player, take a few deep breaths and go into your memory and find that experience in your past when you were totally “on.” That moment when everything came together for you. It could be any memory experience.

Perhaps the time you won the high school football championship. Or you closed an impossible deal and got a windfall sales commission. Or when you were first in love. Any positive moment you can remember with vivid detail and experienced in “real life” winning success feelings. It is the emotions that you want to raise. Before you listen to the Millionaire’s Mind soundtrack, think about those moments. Recall them with as much detail and color as possible. Raise the winning feelings in your mind and then push play. Lay back and relax and let the soundtrack do its magic.

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