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MOODSCAPES - Meditative Mind Escapes

Rob Hopping (author) at Mind Research Laboratory (publisher)


Moodscapes programs are designed to launch your consciousness into a virtual reality experience of the mind. Using authentic sounds of nature, expertly crafted musical textures, along with special 3D holographic sound processing, Moodscapes induce profound states of altered consciousness and expanded awareness. In this state, you’ll enter the incredible world of imagination and return renewed and refreshed from your magical, mystical experience.

How they Work

Using new digital technology that creates an almost perfect 3-D soundform, these four Moodscape Environments mix musical patterns and a special neuro-matrix, into four powerful and unique meditations. Each is designed to place your consciousness in the middle of a different environment for ultimate relaxation and adventurous mind escapes.


THUNDERSTORMA storm is coming. You hear the thunder. Lightning strikes and rain begins to fall. You feel safe but charged by the powerful forces of nature.

SPRING DAYFeel the breeze on your face. Smell the flowers. A soothing stream and the sounds of birds celebrate the ecstasy of being alive.

SEASHOREGentle waves roll in as the sea gulls dance. Ocean mist fills the air. A ship passes by far out to sea. A soothing musical texture surrounds you.

SAVANNA NIGHTThe night sky is filled with stars. From an overlook you watch a vast African plain below come alive. Ancient drumbeats far away fill the air with magic.