Joint-Venture Partners Program

A ZYGON Joint-Venture Marketing Opportunity Explained...


Zygon is looking to align itself with a few high quality marketing partners that can help us reach new members with our mind development technology, and jointly share in the revenues of that relationship. 


If you have an alignment to the ZYGON mission and product line and an email customer list/followers with a minimum of 100,000 active members, we would love to talk with you about a joint venture marketing relationship that could be mutually beneficial and worth engaging in a conversation. 


As a successful business person you know that relationships where interests are aligned – and there is a synergy between partners – can develop into wonderful and mutually profitable scenarios. Where there isn’t alignment, partnerships can dissolve quickly and worst case, turns into a disaster. I am looking for marketing joint venture relationships with high synergy where your customers will immediately see the benefits of the Zygon mind technology – and our personal development programs. And its not something directly competitive that you would be uncomfortable promoting. My experience over the years – (and yours may reflect this also), is that more content exposure actually increases customer appetites. In other words if you sell complementary programs involving self-improvement, I don’t see that as stealing my thunder. Especially true for self-improvement junkies – like me. In fact if you have very good stuff – we want to expose our people to it, as well as we hope you will want the same from us. Remember in the old days the movie industry was terrified that cable TV and videos would cannabilize box office revenues, and it turned out to be a boon that actually increased box office sales. The idea that flooding the market with so many new titles would decrease participation was not only wrong, it did the opposite. It’s because people’s appetite’s were increased. They wanted more. What we do in self-improvement publishing is no different. You probably already know this, but I felt compelled to bring it up.

 To me, what is most important is; “are we philosophically aligned and can we work together”. That’s the secret sauce of any business relationship, and even though this may only be about a single marketing campaign, unless there is alignment – its not worth going there. I’m sure you know what I mean.


ZYGON got its start in the late 1980s. By the 90’s we were one of the largest self improvement publishers on the planet. With hundreds of titles promoted via direct mail (a million pieces a month), in hundreds of magazines, informercials and so on… if you are around my age (60 something) you likely saw our stuff. We understood the direct marketing game, which was for the most part pre-internet/social media. In fact social media back then was sitting in a coffee shop and passing a napkin with a note on it.  Advertising the old fashion way was costly – but it worked for us. We had a very loyal following of ‘Zygonauts‘ as we called them. After Zygon, I did some other things. Was a farmer on Maui, and took a former top secret military spy technology (dealing with mind development ) and commercialized it. I decided to bring ZYGON back into the limelight during the pandemic of 2020, when I was inundated with demand from our old user base of Zygonaut followers who wanted to see us return. I created a streaming app, with both old and new content. You can download the app and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. 


Here is where you come in. Whether its an email campaign, a You-Tube video, or promotion on your social media platforms we ask your followers to download the ZYGON app and sign up for a premium subscription that you are connected to. Let’s say, you have a business that is aligned with the ZYGON mission and that your followers would find compelling to be a part of. We will develop a campaign that you approve You get the credit for the subscription and all sales activity, and are paid 20% of the gross revenue generated from the campaign. You receive a percentage of the monthly and annual subscription revenues for as long as the customer pays for the subscription. The marketing channels we will use depend on how your business is structured – but is likely to start out with a simple email campaign. This may evolve into a video we produce together, a livestream event, a page on your website, social media interactions, print, and a plethora of other things based on what makes sense for your particular markets. It’s standard marketing stuff, and we of course will do whatever it takes to cooperate to make it work.


In addition to collecting 20% of the gross sales revenue each month in perpetuity, if our synergy really aligns well, we can cross promote your programs on our app and do some joint publishing things together which may benefit both our customer bases.  For example; lets say you are a publisher of Healthy Living courses, that are a perfect fit for the Zygon members. We could add your channel onto our app, that offers some introductory content that acts as a portal to your higher priced courses. Just an example. Again, it all has to align. The main benefit of doing this is of course is the additional revenue stream, with little to no time or investment on your part.


The details of each campaign would have to be worked out and agreed to, but at its simplest level, we would agree to a joint-marketing venture that may entail sending out an email promotion of the new ZYGON app, with a special tracking link that credits all your sign-ups. You get a check the next month based on the revenue stream generated. Same can be true for a print-based direct mail campaign, with the up-front costs being paid for by us -for a test, and then we determine the profit split on the roll-out. If you are an “influencer” on social media it may be even simpler, you just announce your afflation with Zygon and encourage your followers to download the app and give them a special coupon/link unique to you, that your followers sign up with. 

Again, like all things in business, it’s the details that make things happen and we are not locked into any one structure If the benefits are mutual and there is a great potential opportunity and alignment. We can certainly work out the details together.

This brief overview was meant to kick-start a conversation with you, and share some ideas to see if we have a common interest. If you would like to take the conversation further and see where we can go, just let me or my assistant know and I will be happy to follow up with you. 

All My Best,

Dane Spotts
ZYGON Founder & Fellow Mind Warrior
tel: 425.943.9433

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The ZYGON Technology and How it Works

Program Your Mind for Success


What is a Zygonaut and Mind Warrior?

Back before the concept of a ‘meme’ was created in the old days (80’s & 90’s) at ZYGON company headquarters we used to describe the heavy duty users of ZYGON programs as “Zygonauts”. It became a meme that identified those who were into the altered states – mind launching aspects of the technology and would often write to us of their experiences, which included out-of-body journeys. enhanced psychic awareness, precognitive dreams, and other mind-trippy sorts of phenomena.  

A Mind Warrior is a similar meme but refers to people (Zygonauts) who are dedicated to self-improvement and personal growth and understand that “mind” is at the center of everything. They are the pilgrim souls assisting in the evolution of consciousness by actualizing their potential and spreading it to other humans along their life path – that they come in contact with. This is the mission of ZYGON. For details on what becoming a “Mind Warrior” is all about,  visit The Mind Warrior Project and participate in the ZYGON podcast series.