Payout Example For Affliates

Hypothetical Payout on Sales Revenue From The Sale Of New Zygon Memberships

First 1000 Memberships Sold = 30% payout

1001 + Memberships Sold = 40% payout

Override Tier = 5% payout

This Monthly income schedule is based on a membership premium subscription fee of $47 per month. The override commissions you are paid will vary based on the performance of your second tier members. This just an guestimate, so don’t rely on those numbers as it will vary depending on who you recruit. A large scale influencer may create significant performance beyond these amounts and vice-versa. What you see below is completely hypothetical, but gives you an idea of what is possible. Payouts are monthly based on a prior month total revenue received. For a complete FAQ go here.

Month 1 Month 6 Month 12 Month 24
New Members # 6 220 1300 4500
Payout $$$ 84/mo 3102/mo 34,440/mo 73,380/mo
Override $$ o 325/mo 4700/mo 13,400/mo
TOTAL $ 84/mo 3427/mo 29,140/mo 86,780/mo

**this is a hypothetical payout schedule for a 2 year monthly income stream for being a participant in the Influencer-Affiliate Marketing Program. Your results will of course vary depending on individual effort and success. The schedule above doesn’t account for cancelled subscriptions which may be 20% or higher. After the first year, membership revenue drops to 50% for memberships on month 13 which is accounted for in month 24, and then stops on three year anniversary date of your sponsored memberships. *5% override commission is based only on the production level of who you recruit.  It could be completely different than the numbers represented here. See full details in your agreement.