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PHOTGRAPHIC MIND - Holographic Memory Course

Dane Spotts (author) at Mind Research Laboratory (publisher)


The Photographic Mind Holographic Memory Course teaches four powerful Memory Systems using ZYGON’s unique holographic memory model. Applying a holistic approach, this powerful course lets you tap into your left and right brain, and combine the power of your emotions to help lock in names, appointments, speeches, numbers, and more. Learn how to unleash your innate memory power to record, retain, and instantly recall information.


Each lesson incorporates a revolutionary 5-step interactive learning process that goes far beyond traditional learning systems. As you move effortlessly through each lesson, you will experience the highest learning value out of every minute you spend with the program.

Collectively, these four powerful Memory Systems can give you the competitive edge you need to excel in school, business, and social settings. It’s an exciting process, with results you can verify. And best of all, you will have fun doing it.


16 lessons: 30-45 min per lesson.

Lessons 1-4 “Link & Loci Systems”

From ‘to do’ lists to grocery lists, you will learn how to ‘link’ items in unique ways that are then stored in your memory for easy retrieval. Then, the Loci system builds on the Link System by using existing memory items to remember new ones.

Lessons 5-6 “Peg System”

The Peg Memory System uses mental associations that are pegged and retrieved when needed.

Lessons 7-8 “Phonetic Code”

This powerful system uses phonetics (word sounds) to remember numbers.

Lessons 9-12 “Phonetic Peg List”

Using the Phonetic Code combined with the Peg System, you will learn how to create and retrieve a complex list of 100 items.

Lessons 13-16 “Advanced Memory Applications”

Using the Link, Loci, Peg, and Phonetic memory systems, you will learn how to remember speeches, complex lists, names, number sequences, and playing cards.

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