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TRIGGERS - Success Motivation Training Course

Dane Spotts (author) at Mind Research Laboratory (publisher)


Imagine being able to transfer the excitement from something you enjoy doing into something you wish you could do but are afraid to try. With the TRIGGERS Success Motivation System it’s possible!

In this unique course, you’ll discover an easy way to motivate yourself to accomplish your goals. Want to start writing the great American novel? Fantastic! You’ll find the inspiration. Want the courage to move out of a dead-end job and start a new career – maybe even your own business? Great! Start training yourself today. No matter what you want to do, the power, motivation, and willingness is available once you’ve mastered the powerful techniques in this Zygon Master Course.

What you’ll learn:

BREAKTHROUGH #1 (The Trigger Technique)

A few minutes is all it takes for you to create a “trigger” – the powerful mental reflex that is the foundation for all programming techniques in this course. Whether you want to market your creative talents, make a difficult career move, or even go on a diet, when you use your “trigger,” you’ll have be able to instantly get motivated!

BREAKTHROUGH #2 (The Mental Blueprint)

Master new skills and challenges using the same technique Olympic champions have used to insure peak performances. In seven easy steps, you can use the mental blueprint technique not only to master new skills speedily, but to take on the winning ways of those you admire most.

BREAKTHROUGH #3 (Multi-Channel Thinking)

Ever wonder why some people can solve problems in a snap or come up with creative ideas almost instantly? Chances are they’ve mastered the technique of using all their thinking channels and not just the one or two that most people get by with. Now with the easy multi-channel thinking exercise, you can actually prime your mind to think more creatively, solve problems, learn, and apply new information quickly.

BREAKTHROUGH #4 (The Mental Pentagon)

By using your “mental pentagon” you can now direct your own personal “war” against illness and along with your doctor’s treatment, help yourself get well more quickly. Based on scientific research on the power of positive thinking in healing disease, this technique teaches powerful health promoting imagery.

BREAKTHROUGH #5 (Inner Power Generator)

At the root of every habit you’ve tried to break is a particular kind of inner conflict – not lack of motivation or willpower. Now with the Inner Power Generator system you can learn to substitute desirable behavior for unwanted habits.

BREAKTHROUGH #6 (The New Hypnosis)

Through self-hypnosis you can make every technique in this course even more potent. With safe and easy induction methods, you can learn to hypnotize yourself to erase unreasonable fears, ease minor pains and aches from illness, and increase your powers of concentration.

The Zygon Master Courses Series offers comprehensive self-improvement courses for developing high-level personal skill sets. Each course teaches master quality subject material that is designed to expand your perspective, deepen core understanding, and foster your desire for personal development.